Crux is a grassroots operation but we have our sights set on so much more. We are a team of individuals based in Tacoma, Washington (just south of Seattle) from every stage of life with a drive to connect commerce with compassion. We work directly with our manufacturers on every aspect, including overseeing assembly and shipping, so you get the absolute best price possible.

We’re adamant about establishing a culture of giving that reaches well beyond us. We want to give you, our partners and customers, a way to make a fashion statement that goes beyond style—one that says you're making your moments count to help others.


Our philosophy is best summarized like this: GIVE, GROW, and GIVE MORE.

1) GIVE: We’re committed, no matter how much or how little, to ALWAYS give 50% of our profits to worthy non-profits that are doing good for people all over the world.

2) GROW: 50% of our profit (beginning after this Kickstarter campaign) goes to people and places that need it. The other half? That’s what we use to make our products better, and our brand stronger. Research and Development, improved manufacturer relations, brick and mortar presence… The possibilities really are endless.

3) GIVE MORE: This is where it gets fun. The more people like you that decide to join us on our mission, the more we’re able to give away. By building a truly sustainable enterprise, we give ourselves ample runway to increase the size of our profit pool and thus, the size of our giving.

The Crux Difference


We believe that Crux is a watch brand unlike any other. We not only exist to create classic and high-quality watches but also (and primarily) to share the message and the means of hope. We aim to revolutionize the relationship between company and customer. 

Our dedication to our product and its purpose quality, style, and simplicity has resulted in watches that you can be proud to own, from a brand you trust.